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empirica Global Network for Innovation Research

  • Over 500 experts from more than 40 countries including all EU and EFTA Member States
  • Work for public and private clients including European Commission
  • Active in more than 50 international projects
  • Fully operational since 2001

Global Network for Innovation Research

The empirica global network ENIR was initiated in 2001 starting with experts from selected European Union Member States. Currently there are more than 500 members in more than 40 countries. Apart from the EU, its accession states and EFTA, coverage is truly global, including in particular the USA, China, India, Korea and Japan.

The ENIR is coordinated by empirica Gesellschaft für Kommunikations- und Technologieforschung mbH, Bonn (Germany). empirica is an internationally active
research and consulting firm founded in the 1980s working for private and public clients on a range of topics relating to innovation across all sectors, with particularly strong competence in the IT industry, energy and healthcare.

empirica to benchmark public policies and public-private partnerships and make recommendations for scaling up best practices and re-focusing funding programmes and incentives in Europe

specifically related to the acquisition of high-tech skills under a service contract for the European Commission.

The European Commission has...

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Release of a ‘European high-tech leadership skills agenda for 2020 and beyond’ for the European Commission

The agenda released in April 2017 identifies key areas where investment is needed to ensure that Europe has a sufficient talent pool of high-tech...

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The results of the eHealth Strategies in European Countries project which Empirica...

Release of final report, 27 country reports and a brochure (in all EU official language) summarizing the results on 'e-Skills -Monitoring and...

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